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Slide presentations to cichlid enthusiasts:



Central- and Southamerican Cichlids –Introduction and overview   apprx. 90 min
Hunting cichlids in Southern Mexico– Mayas and Mojarras   apprx. 120 min.
From many cultures one Nation – Cichlid hunting in Belize   apprx. 100 min.
Natural habitats between atlantic and pacific ocean in Southeastmexico   apprx. 90 min.
Guatemala –Land, inhabitants and cichlids   apprx. 100 min.
Honduras –Habitats between atlantic and pacific ocean   apprx. 100 min.
Mexico – Cichlid habitats and Loricariids   apprx. 90 min.




For all presentations please send me an inquiry per e-mail. Timing and costs as per agreement.